Have you ever considered giving a tree rather than a flower?

Giving a tree can make all the difference to those living in poverty and suffering the most from the effects of climate change.

Vi Agroforestry and partners enable farmers who live in poverty in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania to develop a sustainable life. By growing trees in combination with crop families can increase their farm yields and their access to food and income. The trees are also essential for the climate and the environment.

Planting a tree.
The trees prevent soil from being flushed away at times of torrential rain. They provide shade against the strong sun and fixate nitrogen in the ground. Pictured: Jolie Usanzituze and Helen Sjöholm. Photo: Marcus Lundstedt

Vi Agroforesty and partners use the tree to fight poverty and climate change. The method is called agroforestry which means planting trees together with crops. This method give fruits, animal forage, firewood and building materials. The method also improve the farmers’ crop: the trees prevent soil from being flushed away at times of torrential rain; they provide shade from the intense sun and fixate nitrogen to the soil.

Vi Agroforestry recommends the farmers more than 800 various types of trees. The avocado tree is used for timber and grows a fruit full of nutrients, oils, mineral salts, proteins and vitamins. Photo: Edward Echwalu

Constant reevaluation and development is key for an organization like Vi Agroforestry.

The Vi Agroforestry team in Nairobi. Foto: Hans Akerblom

If you would like to contribute to their work, you can visit their website to find out more: https://viskogen.se/om-oss/vi-agroforestry/

Hans Akerblom
Creator of LOTS®
Founder of Scandinavian Leadership AB

One thought on “Have you ever considered giving a tree rather than a flower?”

  1. What a heartful expedition.

    Fantastic people in mind.

    I will visit the Viskogen site.

    Note: one paragraph im message is double.

    Maybe mention the support of Lots® more.

    I see a picture with flipovers.




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