About LOTS®

LOTS AB has supported leaders and their team during many years in many countries. We are well trained facilitators (not consultants) and we have our own experience as leaders.

The first meeting(s) with the leader and his/her team is about defining and agreeing upon the Issue to be dealt with. We put a lot of emphasis on making sure that we are on the same wave-length and that we have understood what the leader and his/her team need. The assignment could be everything from leader and team development to business or organization development or a combination of them.

We base all our assignments on the philosophy and tool of LOTS® that has proven successful in real life Issues. Each assignment gets its own outline though as the needs and deficiencies vary from assignment to assignment. It could be everything from an inspirational lecture to a redirection of the business that should permeate the whole organization.

We always recommend to start with the management team. Then we take it further out in the organization. In that process we identify together with the management potential “internal” facilitators to be certified in LOTS® and take the responsibility for the process in the organization. We have today certified approx. 6 000 internal facilitators in more than 60 countries. We continuously support the leaders, the team and the internal facilitators and we are very proud of having two to three decades long relationships with several of our customers at the same time as we get assignments from new and younger leaders.

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