“New version of LOTS® an eye opener”

Doug Smith recently upgraded his certification as a Lotscoach®. “I did my first training with LOTS® 12.0 in 2012 and applied the process for Arla Foods® in Russia, Germany, Netherlands, China and Denmark.” Now as an independent Lotscoach® based in Toronto, Canada, being introduced to the 20th edition was a real eye opener for him. The... Continue Reading →


A unique insight to the development days with LOTS®

Exactly how educational and inspiring the development days with LOTS® are can be hard to grasp if you haven’t had the chance to participate yet. For those of you that are keen to learn with and from others that have been certified as Lotscoach® and develop personally and professionally, we asked some of the participants... Continue Reading →

Econova meets LOTS®

Only 42 years young, Johan Rydberg has already managed to gain 15 years of experience as a leader. Since the start of his career his view of leadership has changed dramatically. At the end of 2016 he got in touch with Hans Akerblom and the tool of LOTS®, which broadened his horizon even further. Watch... Continue Reading →

Your chance to win

We are celebrating the founder of LOTS®, Hans Akerblom’s, birthday this week and are feeling particularly festive and generous. We are therefore giving away three copies of the book “LOTS® Outside-in and Inside-out”. All you have to do is like our Facebookpage and before the end of the week share a comment on one of... Continue Reading →

The fear for and necessity of change

Svenska Personal change is often connected to positive energy, according to organizational change expert Jim Hemerling. Organizational change though, is often related to fear and negative thoughts. “Change is happening every day though, even though we, as leaders and team members, occasionally allow ourselves to be persuaded that security lies in staying the same. If... Continue Reading →

”I think of Hans every day”

Svenska I reach the art director Kenneth Hansen straight after his morning coffee in his home in Stavanger, Norway. There is no doubt that Kenneth Hansen is a creative visionary, the conversation takes us from Argentina to Mallorca, from advertising agencies and big deals to the whiskey bar in New York and unexpected creative projects.... Continue Reading →


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