I am responsible for where I am and where I will be

Are you ready for a change?
You are in charge of your own future. Are you ready for a change? Photo: http://www.pexels.com

The future is always subjective
We need to remind ourselves of how we create our private and professional life through our positive and negative self-fulfilling prophecies including projecting our own disowned selves onto others. (Our disowned selves are that part of ourselves that we do not wish to recognize.)

We can change our private and professional life if we want to. The future is always subjective and that is why it can be changed. We can create new and more rewarding private and professional self-fulfilling prophecies. It is possible, however, it is not necessarily easy. We are being influenced by our past, our present and our beliefs about the future. Our self-fulfilling prophecies are deeply rooted within us, so where do we start if we want to change?

Where have my self-fulfilling prophecies taken me up to now?
If the future is always subjective it goes without saying that each one of us have to answer this question and reflect upon whether we want to change or not. If we want to change we can start an individual private and/or professional change process that can take us to the next step in life and at work.

We have to take into account, though, that my country, culture, religion, parents, school teachers, colleagues and more have led to my positive and negative self-fulfilling prophecies of today. It will most likely help us to understand why we are where we are before we take actions for change.

If we want to change we need to bring to the surface a provocation to the way things are in our world. This antithesis will challenge our thesis (the way we think our world is) or our self-fulfilling prophesy. What is then my antithesis if I really want to change and develop? Once we have found our antithesis to challenge our thesis, we will work toward a synthesis of these competing ideas. We need to repeat it 100 times every day as the thesis or self-fulfilling prophecies are so deeply rooted within ourselves.

Take a few minutes for reflection.
– Which positive and negative self- fulfilling prophecies do you have/have you had?
– Where have they taken you?
– What would you like to change?
– What new antithesis and thereby synthesis would you like to see in your life?
– What are your new self-fulfilling prophecies?

I know it will be easy for us to integrate our new self-fulfilling prophecies in our private and professional life. (If we said something else it would become a negative self-fulfilling prophesy.)

Finally a question to you who have just read this reflection letter: ”What positive or negative self-fulfilling prophesy steered your reading and reflections?”

I recommend you to watch this video again and again: RSA Animate – The Empathic Civilisation

Best regards

Hans  Akerblom
Founder of LOTS®
CEO of Scandinavian Leadership

Hans Akerblom – changing the way leaders think

Creator of LOTS®, founder of Scandinavian Leadership, Hans Akerblom has held CEO and board member positions in several companies bringing innovations to the market internationally. Hans Akerblom’s interest in leadership was established early in his career. After his studies at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, he was appointed to develop and lead Pharmacia Ophthalmics, a company whose products and approach helped revolutionize eye surgery in the world. People with cataracts got their vision back in surgery made safer and easier with Healon® and with the help of an intraocular lens. The success of the business was also due to the use of the business development process and tool called LOTS®, which was used to plan, implement and follow-up the business.

Hans Akerblom

With many years of experience and the insights which he gained as a facilitator with various management teams and organizations, he realized that the quality of the decisions taken by management teams to a great extent depended on the consciousness level of every member of the team. The balance between thinking and acting Outside-in and Inside-out is a constant challenge for us not only as human beings but also as leaders and co-workers in an organization. By being conscious about how we, ourselves, function it becomes easier to make the right decisions. LOTS® is today a successful tool for leader, team and business or organization development in many types of companies and organizations.

Hans Akerblom created LOTS® in the early seventies and has, over the years, continued to develop the process and tool. With its holistic view and structure, LOTS® guides reflections towards increased focus and success. Today Scandinavian Leadership is working on the 19th edition of LOTS®. Hans Akerblom continues to lecture at universities and other forums, facilitate with management teams and work with leaders in their development.

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