A book for a fast moving world



We have visited LOTS® founder Hans Akerblom to talk to him about LOTS® 19.0 and the new book that is currently in the making. It is one week after midsummer in Sweden, the days are long and the evenings add a golden glow to the view of the waters near the house. With many of his family to visit it has been a hectic and eventful week, but Hans Akerblom is looking quite relaxed.

With his new version of LOTS® and the book he is looking forward to helping leaders in todays’ world full of stress and hectic to learn the process of LOTS® faster than before and to find the time to apply LOTS® in their everyday work.
– We are making the process even more efficient with fewer steps and simplified questions, he explains. Less steps and simplified questions will shorten the time needed to to reflect through an issue.

LOTS® has, since it was first developed in 1973, regularly been updated and this version will be 19.0. The book about LOTS® will be part of the material for every Lotscoach®, together with the manual and reflections tools. Also the manual and the reflection tools are being renewed and edited. You will soon be able to read more about this here at the blog.

With what am I then rewarded when I read this book? I ask Hans Akerblom. He thinks for a moment and concludes:
– There are two reasons to read this book. One is that you will learn about a way of seeing things that consists of two parts. One is to think Outside-in and Inside-out in balance over time. The other part is the Five Aspects where we can learn more about ourselves and others to facilitate the releasing of our potential and to help the organization reach better results in a more fun and efficient way. The other reason to read this book is that it will give you a practical tool for your own reflections or reflections with others.

The book will be released this fall.

A book for a fast moving world