Contributing to your team

Svenska It is so difficult to find the balance between what is good for everyone and what is good for myself The whole We may agree that we are all part of the whole. It is a matter of how we see our own life. We may, on the one hand, see that we are... Continue Reading →


I am responsible for where I am and where I will be

The future is always subjective We need to remind ourselves of how we create our private and professional life through our positive and negative self-fulfilling prophecies including projecting our own disowned selves onto others. (Our disowned selves are that part of ourselves that we do not wish to recognize.) We can change our private and... Continue Reading →

Did you know? About Scandinavia

The definition of Scandinavia varies. What countries belong to Scandinavia can be defined by history, culture and language. Scandinavia consists of Denmark, Norway and Sweden and, depending on whom you ask, also Finland and Iceland. Our definition of Scandinavia includes all these Nordic countries. Under the tag #didyouknowaboutscandinavia we will share interesting facts about these... Continue Reading →

Easter traditions in Sweden

Easter is the first extended weekend in spring and a well-deserved break for many Swedes. Depending on where you live in this long-stretched country, if it is an early or late Easter holiday as well as depending on what mood Jack Frost (in Swedish “Kung Bore”) is in Swedes can enjoy both warmth, sun and... Continue Reading →

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